10 Things To Do While Your Clay Mask Sets

10 Things To Do While Your Clay Mask Sets

  • 16 October, 2021
  • Anthony Soriano

Ten minutes might not seem like much, but you can accomplish much in this short amount of time! Here’s 10 ideas from yours truly at Alivio HQ:

1. Message or call a friend who you haven’t seen in a while.
We’re all feeling a little isolated at the moment. Even a quick check-in goes a long way!

2. Unpack the dishwasher
Fun idea, right? This task can actually be quite mindful, especially if your cutlery is as chaotic as ours. Sorting out knives, forks, spoons and other cooking utensils is good for the mind and keeps it sharp!

3. Fold laundry!
We recommend checking out @thefoldinglady. A complete gamechanger!

4. Watch something on YouTube, or a Ted Talk.
If, like us, you have several videos saved from your Facebook or Linked In, now is the time to watch them and feel inspired.

5. Organise your bookshelves
Sort books and magazines by category, colour, or author. Everyone is different, so choose whatever system works for you!

6. Try your hand at a crossword puzzle in the newspaper.
But if you’re going to attempt the cryptic crossword, you’ll need much longer than 10 minutes!

7. Change your bed sheets
Get into bed with a fresh face and fresh sheets. You’ll thank yourself before you snooze off to a land of sweet dreams.

8. Unfollow or mute accounts on Instagram that don’t bring you joy.
You’ll be surprised at how light you’ll feel after a quick audit of your Instagram. Don’t want to offend anyone by unfollowing them? Just mute their stories and/or posts!

9. Play with your cat or dog!
No animals in the house? FaceTime with someone who has a furry friend. Interacting with animals has proven to promote a sense of calmness and happiness in the mind and body.

10. Do some deep breathing while listening to peaceful music.
There are plenty of Spotify playlists that are perfect for when you are studying, winding down, or when you just want to relax. We recommend the Calming Cub Sport Playlist.

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