Can You Exercise Your Way To Clear Skin?

Can You Exercise Your Way To Clear Skin?

Maintaining glowing, clear skin isn’t just about having a consistent skincare routine. Studies show that what’s happening on the inside is just as important as what you put on the outside in the quest for better skin. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and healthy functioning of your body and organs. With this being said, can we really exercise our way to better skin? It seems so.

 Is your daily workout the key to clear skin?

Hitting the gym doesn’t only help build muscle and shed weight. Getting that blood pumping and Improving your physical health has numerous benefits for your skin:

Boost oxygen flow

When exercising, our muscles need more energy to support us on those long runs on the treadmill. Our hearts have to pump faster to increase blood flow to our muscles, providing them with oxygen and glucose. This boosted circulation also gives the skin a healthy burst of oxygen and nutrients, while also helping to flush out free radicals. Maybe rosy cheeks after an intense workout aren't so bad after all, eh?

Encourages collagen production

The positive physical and mental effects of regular exercise, all help with the production of collagen, a protein that keeps our skin plump and elasticated. From hormonal regulation to reduced inflammation, workouts help keep your body in the best position to pump out collagen for a youthful glow.

 Linked to a reduction in acne

Stress is often a big contributor to acne, luckily a consistent exercise routine can help reduce our levels of cortisol (aka stress) and in turn, our breakouts. How we treat our skin after exercising is also important if you have acne-prone skin, but more on that later.

Exercise tips for healthy skin

So how do we look after our skin when hitting the burn to feel the most benefits? Here are a few foundational steps to take for that healthy glow:

 Keep hydrated

Any kind of workout (especially those intense HIIT classes) will dehydrate the body. Make sure to keep a generous bottle of water on hand to drink before, during and after exercising to replenish your hydration levels. Dehydrated skin often shows in the form of itchiness, dullness and more noticeable fine lines.

Cleanse immediately after exercise

After you finish up a workout, make sure to cleanse your skin as soon as possible. Jump in the shower immediately if you can and gently cleanse your body of sweat and dirt to avoid body and face breakouts. Not a fan of gym showers? Swipe the parts of your body that are particularly acne-prone with a glycolic acid pad like these from Medik8. This will clear the skin's surface of oil and sweat and avoid clogged pores until you’re able to shower.

Wear sun protection

With spring and summer on the way, you’re likely wanting to move your workouts outdoors for some much-needed daily vitamin D, and we don’t blame you! You just need to make sure to slather on that sun protection when you do so. Make sure to apply a minimum SPF 30 and reapply every few hours. With especially sweaty workouts, you may need to top up more regularly. Damage caused by UV rays can be highly detrimental to the health of your skin.

Stay consistent

A 15-minute workout once a week isn’t your magic key to glowing skin. Much like maintaining your workout gains, healthy skin takes commitment. Experts recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise each day for optimum health, which in turn means optimum skin health. Don’t forget about your food intake - combine a balanced diet with consistent exercise and you’re on the right track to clear skin.

Your post-workout skincare routine with Alivio

Increased sweating, redness and exposure to environmental pollutants - your skin needs some extra post-workout loving after hitting it hard at the gym. Here’s a quick regimen for keeping your skin clear and glowing after exercise.

Step 1 - Cleanse

Immediately after you finish up a workout, make sure to cleanse your skin of any sweat and built-up dirt and oil. If your skin is particularly acne-prone, this will avoid clogged pores and more breakouts. Our Glycolic Facial Cleanser is gentle yet powerful, buffing away dead skin cells and purifying so your face feels fresh and clean even after the sweatiest exercise class. 

Step 2 - Soothe and restore

Struggle with red, sensitive skin after exercise? Rising body temperatures and increased blood flow often lead to a red flush post-workout. This combined with excess sweat and oil on the skin can mean increased sensitivity. Soothe and restore your skin with our Facial Hydrator Serum, formulated with a blend of calming natural oils, including our favourite ingredient Hemp Seed Oil.

Step 3 - Hydrate and nourish

We lose a lot of water during exercise, mainly through sweat. This means we need to replenish our hydration levels not only with water, but hydrating and nourishing skincare products. Our Daily Nourishing Cream is packed with natural, moisture-boosting ingredients while remaining lightweight on the skin - perfect after those hot workouts.

 Alivio Wellness - your solution for clear skin after workouts and beyond

Our range of natural, sustainable hemp-based products have been created to serve as your daily skin support system. Each step of our Alivio routine has been formulated with gentle, kind ingredients to tackle a range of skin concerns and complaints with ease, so you can retain that post-gym glow all day long. Shop the full range here.