Who are we?

In my mid 40s I started to experience what I now know was the onset of perimenopause - night sweats, frozen shoulders, the odd pimple and oh-so dry skin. I felt like my skin was rebelling against me, harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients only made it worse.

So I embarked on a quest to find natural solutions that truly nourished and soothed my skin. That's how Alivio Wellness was born. I discovered the magic of cold-pressed Tasmania hemp seed oil, a powerhouse of skin-loving nutrients. This hero ingredient is in the heart of all our products, formulated to cleanse, clarify, restore and nourish your skin without irritation.

Made for peri-meni women.


Your skin saviour and our hero ingredient – Hemp Seed Oil

One of the most powerful and hydrating antioxidants on the planet, hemp seed oil is high in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and proteins, and contains compounds that naturally reduce oxidative stress.

Mimicking your skins natural composition, it absorbs quickly without blocking pores, allowing it to deliver other active ingredients deeper into your skin. Our hemp seed oil is cold pressed to maintain its integrity and potency keeping it in its truest to nature form so your skin gets maximum benefit.

Skincare shouldn’t cost the earth.

Hemp is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable crops as its production is carbon negative. It absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere during its growth than is emitted by the equipment used to harvest, process and transport it. It’s also a more effective sequester of carbon dioxide than trees. It requires little water, little to no pesticide or fertiliser and it cleans the soil as it grows.

Our Hemp Seed Oil is organically grown and cold-pressed in Tasmania – one of the most pristine environs in the world.