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Dry, tight, uneven skin? We don’t know her. Harvested from the finest Tasmanian Cannabis fields, our hemp-based skin care is proudly (and consciously) Australian made. With premium, cold-pressed ingredients that protect against environmental stressors and restore youthfulness and vitality to the surface of your skin, go from meh to magic in minutes.

What makes us different?

Hemp Based:
Let us introduce you to your newest love affair. Powered by nature and infused with medicinal benefits, Hemp is the skin care secret you didn’t know you needed. We use Hemp in a considered, elevated way to keep skin plump, supple and moisturised –without clogging pores. If you’re looking to balance out problem skin, regulate oil production and achieve deep, nourishing hydration, Alivio Wellness has you covered.

Natural Ingredients
Pure, potent and highly effective. For a nutrient-rich and replenishing effect, Alivio Wellness harnesses the power of Mother Nature’s very own to counter harsh environmental stressors and other invasive nasties. Consider us your own personal skin care warrior, tasked with the protection of all skin types and intense, lasting hydration.

Cold Pressed
Using hemp in its truest-to-nature form, Alivio maintains the integrity and potency of the ingredients through a cold-pressed method superior to other extracting methods. Nourish, restore and boost skin vitality the Alivio way.

One Tree Planted

At Alivio, we believe true wellness means looking beyond yourself and seeing how you can improve the world around you. That’s why we have partnered with nonprofit One Tree Planted to promote global reforestation. By purchasing an Alivio product, you will be contributing to the planting of precious trees essential for the quality of our air, water, biodiversity, societies, health and climate.

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