What Makes Hemp Skincare So Eco-Friendly And Sustainable? 

What Makes Hemp Skincare So Eco-Friendly And Sustainable? 

Hemp skincare products have skyrocketed in popularity over recent years, and for good reason. Not only is Hemp Seed Oil effective at tackling a range of skin concerns, but it’s also highly eco-conscious and sustainable to source. We should all ensure our skincare drawers put the protection of our planet at the forefront. So what makes hemp such a sustainable icon in the beauty world? 

6 sustainable reasons to shop hemp skincare:

  • It’s a renewable resource
  • Hemp is a fast-growing crop that requires little attention to thrive. This means no excess water or damaging pesticides and fertiliser that other plants might need. It’s ready to harvest every 3-4 months and is popular for its high yield per acre. Another perk of hemp is that it can be grown in a variety of environments, climates and soils. 

  • It’s biodegradable
  • Hemp is a natural fibre that can biodegrade easily without contributing to further pollution and environmental harm. Many skincare products contain microbeads and microplastics that pollute oceans and endanger marine life (face scrubs being one of the biggest culprits). Our hemp skincare completely bypasses environmental damage, with zero contribution to the growing plastic waste crisis. 

  • It’s carbon negative
  • Did you know hemp can actually help reduce CO2 emissions? During its growth period, the crop withdraws carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, aiding the reduction of greenhouse gases. So the more you invest in hemp skincare, the more you combat climate change!

  • It’s a natural powerhouse, bypassing chemical intervention
  • Unlike other crops, hemp possesses pest-resistant properties meaning it can be left alone to grow in its natural state without pesticides. This means a reduction in chemical pollution in our streams, rivers and seas, promoting sustainable farming practices.

  • It’s a multi-purpose crop
  • It’s not just your skin that can benefit from hemp. This crop can also contribute to the textile, paper, fuel and food industries. More parts of the hemp plant can be utilised, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Hemp seeds that are cold-pressed to generate our superstar ingredient Hemp Seed Oil use just a tiny part of the crop, but the rest of the plant is always put to use elsewhere!

  • It can be sourced locally
  • Due to hemp’s ability to grow in a range of environments, we’re able to source crops right here in Australia. Our Hemp Seed Oil is cold pressed in Tasmania, also allowing us to support local economies. 

    Skincare shouldn’t cost the earth; choose Alivio Wellness

    Sustainability is everything to us. It’s at the core of our ethos and we make sure every part of our production process keeps the preservation of our planet in mind. Alongside hemp seed oil, we choose a range of powerful, natural and sustainable ingredients for our product formulas. Allowing maximum impact on your skin, and minimum impact on the earth. 

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    Did you know that when you shop with Alivio you go one sustainable step further with our One Tree Planted initiative? Each time you purchase our skincare, you’re contributing to the planting of trees and an end to deforestation. 

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