6 New Year Resolutions for your Skincare

6 New Year Resolutions for your Skincare

Have you been considering a new batch of New Year’s resolutions. Promises you intend to keep, often for the betterment of your health and wellness, both physical and mental - but what about your beauty routine? Let’s make 2024 the year of elevated skincare regimens, with just 6 simple resolutions.

1.   Simplify your beauty routine

Extortionate, multi-step skin routines have been all the rage in recent years. Lengthy 10-step regimens have been championed, often overwhelming your skin in the process. In 2024 we want to move towards a minimalist skincare landscape, with simplified, thoughtful and targeted routines.

Try and work around just three core practices, both AM and PM: cleansing, targeting and hydrating. Each step requires just one product - a cleanser, (maybe two if you need to double cleanse) a serum and a moisturiser. Stripping back your daily routine in this way avoids overloading the skin with actives, and dehydrating, both common sources of sensitivity and irritation.

2.   Focus on hydration

A crucial element of all skincare routines, but especially for those who are perimenopausal, is hydration - and lots of it. Seek to refresh your skin routine with ingredients and products that promote moisture and retention, as our skin starts to lose the ability to do so naturally throughout this stage of life. Be on the lookout for products that contain the following:

 Alongside topical hydration through skincare, focus on drinking lots of water and filling your daily diet with hydration-rich fruit and veg to nourish your skin from the inside out.

3.   Invest in antioxidant skincare

If they’re not already a steady part of your skincare regimen, make sure to invest in products packed with potent antioxidants and vitamins. One of the most coveted is vitamin C, mainly for its natural glow-boosting and brightening properties. It can also help boost levels of collagen, a protein that gives the skin elasticity and a youthful plumpness. Source your daily vitamins in serum form, as this way you’ll get the most concentrated (and effective) form of the ingredient. Alongside vitamin C, fill your skincare drawer with these antioxidants:

4.   Remember your daily SPF

Sun protection is a year-round commitment, come rain or shine. If you’re guilty of skipping out on daily SPF, add this new year’s resolution to the top of your list! Prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to premature ageing and the exacerbation of skin concerns associated with perimenopause. Make a habit of slathering on a hydrating sunscreen every morning, helping to nourish your dry skin while providing full spectrum protection. The Ultra Violette Supreme Hydrating Facial Sunscreen SPF 50 + is formulated like a silky moisturiser while shielding your skin from further damage and hyperpigmentation.

5.   Go sustainable

When rethinking your skincare habits for 2024, it’s important to consider not only what will benefit you, but also our natural world. The beauty industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to global pollution, from deforestation for ingredients like palm oil to plastic waste. Consider the impact of your skincare shopping habits this year - are the ingredients sustainable? Are products packaged responsibly? Does the brand consider and give back to local communities and ecosystems?

A conscious approach has been central to our values at Alivio Wellness from day 1. Not only is our star ingredient hemp seed oil incredibly sustainable to grow and source, but it also helps to reduce carbon emissions. Alivio is also a member of the One Tree Planted Initiative, so for each product you shop with us you help take a small but mighty step to end global deforestation.

6.   Keep up the consistency

Good skin can only be achieved with consistency, which means dedicating time to both an AM and PM skin routine daily. Consistency also relates to the products you use - while it might be tempting to switch up products, keep your skin on an even keel with regular products you know it loves. Introducing new ingredients too often can cause adverse irritation and sensitivity if you’re not careful. Spend 2024 tuning into your skin and it’s needs, only adding new products to target specific needs.

 Now you've stripped away multiple steps for a minimalist skincare routine, your entire regime should only take 10 minutes or less - something that we can all squeeze into our daily routines, no matter how busy we are. If you're prone to forgetting skincare, set a recurring reminder in your phone, for both your morning and evening regimen.

Skincare habits to leave behind in 2023

  • Makeup wipes - they’re rubbish for your skin and the planet!
  • Picking at spots/skin texture - we promise you’ll only make things worse, let your tailored products work their magic instead.
  • Spending money on pointless products - do your research to see if a product will meet your needs and suit your skin.
  • Using expired products - those moisturisers that have been sitting untouched at the back of your skincare drawer? Yeah, it’s probably time to say goodbye.
  • Stopping at your face - it’s called skincare for a reason, so remember to take product down your neck and to the chest, and don’t skip out on body care.
  • A year-round routine - as the seasons change, so does our skin. Slightly tailor your use of products every few months in line with the weather and outdoor temperatures.