7 reasons to start investing in skincare

7 reasons to start investing in skincare

All too often skincare is reduced to a frivolous cosmetic purchase, rooted in vanity above all. What this view fails to take into account is how imperative these products are for overall skin health, protection and feelings of self-confidence. There’s nothing wrong with using skincare to help love the skin you’re in, and putting your money into a simple yet effective routine is an investment you’ll never regret - here’s why.

1. Optimised Skin Health

The primary and most obvious reason to invest in skincare is to optimise and maintain the health of your complexion. A regular skincare routine with high-quality products promotes the strength and repair of your skin barrier, aka a protective shield that prevents infections and environmental damage. Proper regimens assist with cleansing, hydrating and nourishing the skin to keep it in the best condition possible.

2. A Little Goes A Long Way

Skincare maximalism will not only burn a hole in your pocket, but it is also unnecessary for healthy skin. The world of beauty can often get a bad rep, with extensive, 15-product routines making the act of skincare seem not only inaccessible, but costly to boot. In reality, you only need to invest in a few great products that will create the foundations of a realistic and effective regimen. Stick to spending your money on products that work for you, and save your money to invest in quality, not quantity.

3. Addresses Skin Concerns

While some skin concerns clear up on their own, many need skincare to help them along the way - this is especially true as we get older and our skin heals more slowly. Very few of us can claim to have perfect skin, from acne to dryness and redness, at different stages of life we all have issues we’d prefer to correct. Investing in targeted skincare for your specific concern helps to nip issues in the bud, without the need for costly cosmetic intervention.

4. Provides UV Protection

Skin health is much more than a cosmetic concern, it also relates to diseases like skin cancer. Products such as SPF offer a daily level of protection against harmful UV rays, which with prolonged exposure can lead to cancer. By investing in a full-spectrum SPF you can better protect your skin from environmental and sun damage.

5. Prevents Skin Issues

Skincare isn’t just about addressing issues, it’s also about preventing them. A solid and regular routine with skin-friendly products keeps your skin barrier in the best shape to prevent future concerns. An investment of both your time and money in skincare now could save a lot of trouble in the long run.

6. Boosts Self-Confidence

There’s no escaping that clear, healthy, glowing skin can significantly boost your self-confidence. Just a little time each day and a few great products can help set your skin on the right path and give your self-esteem a perk in the process.

7. Skincare Is Self-Care

Investing in skincare is also a way to invest in your self-care. Not only does it feel good to dedicate time to looking after yourself, but it also allows time each day to unwind and de-stress. Creating these rituals provides alone time to nurture your body and nervous system, improving both your mental and physical health in the process.

A Skincare Routine Worth Investing In


Our Glycolic Facial Cleanser serves as your daily wash to purify and revitalise. Formulated with active ingredients to promote gentle skin cell turnover, this cleanser also contains natural antioxidants which act as your skin’s first line of defence against environmental damage. Massage a few pumps of the gel wash into a lather across your face before rinsing with warm water.


Once or twice a week, depending on your needs, apply our Spa Clay Mask for a purifying detox that equally soothes and hydrates the skin. Enriched with a combination of natural oils, this clay mask helps the skin stay moisturised and protected against daily pollutants while absorbing excess oil and sebum. Coat the skin with a generous layer across the face or in target areas, leave for 10 minutes and take some time to unwind while our formula works its magic.


Quench thirsty skin with the only serum worth investing in. Our Facial Hydrator Serum features an indulgent mix of 5 botanical oils to strengthen, support and soothe. Lightweight and quick to absorb, this oil-serum hybrid is perfect for all skin types seeking a healthy glow. Apply a few drops to clean skin directly or mixed in with a little moisturiser each morning and evening for the best results.


Our best-selling Nourishing Day Cream unifies intense hydration and protection. Remaining lightweight and comfortable for daily wear, this moisturiser contains powerful antioxidants and hydrators for sustained skin health. Apply a few dots of cream across the face each morning and massage in well to lock in hydration, completing your routine, ready for whatever the day brings.

Commit To Your Skin, Commit To Yourself

At Alivio we believe skincare and wellbeing to be intrinsically linked. We provide a range of products that eliminate the need for continuous and extensive skincare investing. Instead, you’ll have 5 accessible skincare staples that can be relied on time and again, supporting your skin through all stages of life.

Embracing the properties of all-natural and sustainable skincare ingredients, Alivio Wellness offers universal products tailored to all skin types and sensitivities. Designed to fit in with your wellness rituals easily, we like to believe that our collection goes so much more than skin deep. Invest in yourself and shop our complete range here.