Four Ways to Strengthen Your Skin Barrier

Four Ways to Strengthen Your Skin Barrier

Our skin barrier plays a huge role in keeping our faces happy, healthy and glowing. It’s responsible for acting as our armour, protecting us from environmental stressors and infections while locking in hydration.

This is all well and fine when our skin barrier is in top shape, but what about when it’s damaged? If you’re dealing with dry, irritated or generally unhappy skin right now, you’ve likely got a weakened barrier. Don’t worry, we’re here with some easy tips to strengthen it once more for glowing, happy skin.

What is the skin barrier?

Our skin is formed of many layers, each with its own function and role to play in protecting our bodies. The skin barrier refers to our outermost layer of skin, made of the toughest cells that act like a wall against the outside world.

These security-guard skin cells work to keep harmful toxins out and hydration in. Without this barrier, we would be far more susceptible to picking up viruses, infections and becoming completely dehydrated. Put simply, the healthier your skin barrier the better it can protect and help your body function normally.

Signs of a weak skin barrier

Damage to the skin barrier manifests in a range of ways. It often leads to the following conditions and skin symptoms:

  •  Dryness/dehydration
  • Itchiness and irritation
  • Roughness
  • Uneven tone or discolouration
  • Acne breakouts
  • Increased sensitivity and inflammation
  • Skin infections

So how did we get here? There are a number of ways you can damage your skin barrier, not limited to:

  •  Changes in environment and temperature
  • Allergies
  • Sun damage
  • Excessive cleansing and use of active skincare ingredients
  • Stress

How to strengthen your skin barrier

1. Take your routine back to basics

When looking to strengthen the skin barrier after damage, make sure to keep your daily routine as simple as possible. For the time being, focus on stripping your products right back to 3 main steps: cleansing, moisturising and protecting with SPF.   Dialling back your regimen and avoiding irritating your skin further will allow your skin barrier to heal fully.

Use a gentle gel cleanser both morning and night, followed by a layer of nourishing moisturiser to aid repair and boost hydration. Our Nourishing Day Cream is packed with skin barrier-friendly ingredients, blended to soothe and restore. When completing your AM routine, make sure to always add a generous slathering of SPF to protect your skin from further damage.


 2. Go easy on the active ingredients

Not only can over-using active ingredients contribute to a weak skin barrier, but they’ll also do you no favours when trying to heal it. If you’re experiencing symptoms like discolouration or flaky skin, it can be tempting to go in with some powerhouse actives for a quick fix, but you’ll actually be doing more harm than good.

 Your skin is currently in a weak state, and harsh acids will only make things worse. Focus on nourishing and healing right now. Once your skin is stronger, then you can go in with products like our Glycolic Facial Cleanser to help with any areas of uneven texture or tone.


 3. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more

Now’s the time to pack on the hydration to help your skin barrier cells strengthen, whilst also soothing inflammation. This means using nourishing creams and oils (sometimes throughout the day) to rectify and ease dry, irritated skin.

 The Hydrating Facial Serum will be your new best friend when looking to repair a damaged skin barrier. Formulated with strengthening ingredients like hemp seed oil, it will have your face looking healthier and happier than ever in no time. PS. don’t forget to add a layer of our Hydrating Night Cream to lock in all of that much-needed moisture.


 4. Protect your skin

Protection is key when fixing a weak skin barrier. Not only should you be protecting your skin from the sun with SPF, but you should also take precautions in other environments that could irritate your face further. Try skipping out on the super hot showers and baths for a while, this will only make your already dry skin more irritated.


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