Bakuchiol: All You Need To Know About The Natural Alternative To Retinol

Bakuchiol: All You Need To Know About The Natural Alternative To Retinol

All you skincare lovers will be no strangers to retinol. Often heralded as the “miracle” ingredient, retinol skincare products have powerful actives that can address just about every skin concern, from acne to fine lines. The price for this glowing, plumped skin comes at a cost, however (at least to being with).

Retinol has mighty powers that your skin can take some getting used to. Often referred to as the “retinol uglies”, many who start using these products find their skin to react poorly with redness and dryness. As the skin acclimatises, these side effects usually pass making way for the many benefits of this vitamin A derivative. However, some skins still experience regular sensitivity to retinol making it hard to fit into a weekly regimen.

So what’s the answer? Is there an alternative to retinol which promises to be kinder to our skin? Let’s talk about bakuchiol, aka natural retinol.

What is bakuchiol?

Bakuchiol is a natural ingredient that derives from the seeds and leaves of the herb babchi. When used in skincare it can tackle a range of skin concerns including hyperpigmentation, fine lines, brightening and aiding collagen production (much like your typical retinol). Bakuchiol is also a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredient, all while remaining kind and gentle to the skin.

Is it really an effective alternative to retinol?

Many consider bakuchiol the perfect plant-based alternative to retinol, but how does it really hold up? Studies seem to suggest pretty well. One found that bakuchiol gave almost identical results as retinol when used over a 12-week period. In fact, those using bakuchiol also experienced fewer reactions and side effects. 

Bakuchiol FAQs

1 Is bakuchiol vegan-friendly?

Yes, bakuchiol as an ingredient is completely vegan and plant-based.

 2. How often can you use bakuchiol?

This natural retinol is so gentle on the skin you can use it up to 2 times per day (depending on your needs).

3. How can I include bakuchiol in my daily skincare routine?

As with all active ingredients, you’ll see the best results when they’re used in a concentrated serum form. Apply your serum after cleansing the skin, AM and (or) PM.

4. Can I use bakuchiol with other active ingredients?

Research shows that bakuchiol is compatible with other actives and won’t cause irritation or damage to the skin. It’s best paired with hydrating creams, like our Nourishing Day Cream.

5. When will I feel the benefit of using bakuchiol in my skincare routine?

Typically around the 3-month mark is when you’ll start to feel the true effects of bakuchiol, depending on the concentration of the ingredient and frequency that you use it. So hang in there.

Where to find bakuchiol in Alivio skincare

After learning the incredible properties of bakuchiol, we knew we had to incorporate it within our line of natural skin care here at Alivio. We wanted to offer our customers a kinder retinol alternative to harness happy glowing skin.

You can find this powerhouse ingredient in the formulas of our…

 Hydrating Night Cream

Let our bakuchiol night cream do all the hard work while you catch up on some sleep. Enriched with a blend of natural ingredients to restore firmness and even skin tone, this nourishing moisturiser has a place in every PM regimen. Say goodbye to retinol irritation and peeling, our nourishing bakuchiol formula is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.


 Facial Hydrator Serum

Our bakuchiol-infused serum is glow in a bottle. Blended with 4 other botanical oils, this oil-serum hybrid is completely lightweight and sinks into the skin quickly for a plump, hydrated appearance. Feel all the benefits of a retinol naturally with a serum that restores firmness and boosts elasticity.


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