Fed Up With Acne-Prone Skin? Try Hemp Seed Oil

Fed Up With Acne-Prone Skin? Try Hemp Seed Oil

If you’re no stranger to waking up with a fresh spot, you’ll know all too well the frustration that comes with acne-prone skin. Sadly, we don’t always leave breakouts behind in our teenage years, with acne following many into adulthood. While you might have been reaching for skincare products that market as “acne-fighting”, you could be over-stripping your skin of moisture (which only prolongs the cycle of your breakouts).

Let us introduce you to hemp seed oil, a hero ingredient in your skincare routine for acne-prone skin.

 Everything you need to know about hemp seed oil

Heralded as one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants, hemp seed oil mimics the natural composition of the skin to hydrate, remove pollutants and aggressors and give your skin a happy glow. When we say hemp, you’re mind is likely drawn to CBD. Have no fear, you won’t be getting high with hemp seed oil skincare. This ingredient is extracted from the seed of the cannabis plants (which contains no THC) and then cold-pressed to use in your favourite products.

Here’s just a few reasons why hemp seed oil is our superstar ingredient at Alivio:

  •  All skin types can feel its benefit (especially those who are breakout prone)
  • It’s sustainable and eco-friendly
  • It’s incredibly hydrating and nourishing
  • It helps to strengthen and repair the skin barrier

So how does hemp seed oil help acne-prone skin?

Our brand champions hemp seed oil as the saviour ingredient for all skins, but we’re particularly passionate about how it can help those struggling with acne. Persistent breakouts can feel like a losing battle, just when one spot and scarring clears up, another is soon on the way. Unlike other skincare ingredients, hemp seed oil works to cover all bases when it comes to acne. Calming, bacteria-fighting, healing and moisturising to put an end to your cycle of breakouts for good.

Here’s how the magic works…

Regulates your production of sebum:

Spots are often caused by an overproduction of sebum that clogs the pores, leaving your skin feeling oily. The properties of hemp seed oil promote a regulation in the production of natural sebum, while also keeping your skin healthy and hydrated.

Calms inflammation:

Acne and inflammation often go hand in hand. While some spots remain as painless whiteheads, others (like hormonal acne) can present as sore, red lumps on the skin. Hemp seed oil contains an omega-6 fatty acid called GLA which has incredible anti-inflammatory properties. This not only helps to calm those tender cystic spots, but also reduces the chances of scarring.

Stimulates blood flow:

Good blood flow to the face means your complexion looks healthier and glowing. Along with a range of other nutrients, hemp seed oil contains vitamin E. This important vitamin encourages the production of red blood cells, which in turn boosts blood flow.

Helps heal scarring:

The only thing more annoying than a new spot, is the scarring often left in its wake. These dark marks can lead to an uneven skin tone and texture, often taking weeks or months to fully fade. Studies have shown that hemp seed oil can help to fade acne scars and heal the skin faster.

Our favourite acne-fighting products

Here at Alivio, we have a skincare range bursting to the brim with hemp seed oil and all of its healing properties. If you’re tired of battling with your acne-prone skin, give these products a go:

Spa Clay Mask

Looking for a clay mask that purifies your skin without that tight, dry feeling? You’ve just found it. Our bentonite and kaolin clay mask unclogs pores and draws out impurities to stop breakouts in their tracks. We added a healthy dose of avocado oil to nourish and protect, promoting healing for sensitive, acne-prone skin.

Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Ditch those stripping, foaming cleansers- they aren’t doing your stressed, breakout-prone skin any favours. Instead, try our gentle glycolic cleanser for a rejuvenated complexion. Green tea and cucumber extract also work to soothe the skin, calming those particularly angry spots.

Facial Hydrator Serum

Concentrated serums are one of the most effective ways you can rectify skin conditions like acne. Our formula of powerful natural ingredients is rich in antioxidants to reduce breakouts and improve skin health. This oil-based serum absorbs into the skin seamlessly, perfect for those with oiler complexions.

 Shop our full range of hemp seed oil skincare here.