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What is it?

Our skin repairs and regenerates the most while we sleep, and by arming it with quality skincare, you can maximise rejuvenation. Our glycolic cleanser and night cream work together seamlessly to rebalance and restore the skin, so you can wake up to a youthful glow. With the Sleep Bundle, you’ll receive:

Glycolic Facial Cleanser - made with a clarifying formula of glycolic acid and soothing plant extracts to revolutionise your evening skincare routine.

Hydrating Night Cream - packed to the brim with natural active ingredients to reduce the signs of ageing and deeply hydrate. Our night cream is your barrier against free radical damage, with a formula featuring bakuchiol (nature’s retinol alternative).

Best For

Hero Ingredients

Glycolic Acid Icon
Glycolic Acid

A powerful AHA derived from sugar cane to gently exfoliate the skin. This acid deeply penetrates to reveal a brighter, even-toned complexion for the most sensitive of skins.

Cucumber extract ingredient icon
Cucumber Extract

Packing the perfect hit of hydration for thirsty skins, this natural extract leaves your complexion feeling (and looking) refreshed and supple.


Nature’s alternative to retinol, this ingredient packs all the punch of your standard retinoid- without all that irritation!.

Vitamin B5

A true healer, this vitamin works to soothe inflammation and repair daily damage to the skin.

Your PM Routine

The perfect PM routine. Begin by applying two pumps of the Cleanser to damp skin, massaging gently for 30 seconds with your fingertips. Rinse thoroughly, and pat your skin dry. Apply Hydrating Night Cream to you face and neck.