Goodbye Winter! Here's Everything You Need To Know About Spring Skincare

Goodbye Winter! Here's Everything You Need To Know About Spring Skincare

Lighter evenings, warmer days, and skin with a rejuvenated glow - all the siren calls of spring’s arrival. After a long winter, we’ll happily welcome the start of a new season change, as will our faces! While the colder months are harsh on our skin, spring represents an opportunity to reclaim radiance and refresh your approach to skincare. In our latest article, we give you the low down on all things spring skincare, plus a few hero seasonal products to add to your revitalised regime. 

The fundamentals of spring skincare: 

Step up your SPF game

Yes, while you should be wearing SPF all year round, we recommend increased vigilance as the sun starts to make more of a daily appearance this spring. If you’ve been using a lower factor SPF throughout winter, consider upping it to a factor 50 through the changing seasons. Hello Sunday have a diverse range of face and body SPFs that will keep you protected and glowing in spring and beyond. 

Exfoliate for a spring glow 

Suffered through dry, dull skin this winter? Get your glow back with some gentle weekly exfoliation. By regularly using a chemical exfoliant, you can gently buff away dead skin cells promoting fresh cell generation and smoother skin texture. 

Don’t forget your vitamins 

In order to help boost your spring glow, you need to make sure your skin gets a regular dose of antioxidants and vitamins. Now would be a great time to switch up your serums, focusing on those that contain vitamins A, C and E. This will not only help to repair any winter damage but also stregthens your skin barrier against prolonged exposure to sunlight (hopefully something we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the coming months). 

Keep cleansing light 

In the past few months, you’ve likely been focusing on “heavier” skincare. Rich creams and nourishing balms help lock in the moisture that winter is so eager to strip away. As we move into a warmer spring, you can look to “lighten” these products, starting with your cleanser. We recommend swapping to a gel-consistency facial cleanser, as your skin won’t require as much additional moisture throughout spring and summer. 

Invest in an essence 

Another lightweight skincare tip would be to add an essence to your daily routine. This often-forgotten product is typically a water-based, nourishing liquid that contains high concentrations of powerful ingredients that address a range of skin concerns. Essences are great for a refreshing hit of hydration to help move you away from thicker winter product consistencies. The Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Moisture Essence is perfect for thirsty post-winter skin. 

Having a spring skin clearout? Make room for these hero products


Why is it a spring skincare hero? Our best-selling hemp seed oil serum is a saviour to skin that has been put through its paces this winter. Formulated with nourishing natural oils and glow-boosting vitamin C, just a few drops of this serum/facial oil hybrid each day will have your skin thriving this spring. 

Alivio Serum


Why is it a spring skincare hero? Packed with exfoliating glycolic acid, this powerful yet gentle cleanser will buff away all of your winter skincare blues. Made in a refreshing gel consistency, this cleanser aims to rebalance, soothe and clarify. Alongside helping with daily chemical exfoliation, our glycolic cleanser also works to soothe and nourish the skin barrier with a healthy dose of green tea, cucumber and Gotu Kola extract. 

Alivio Glycolic Acid Face Wash


Why is it a spring skincare hero? Hydrating yet lightweight, our Nourishing Day Cream is the ideal spring skincare companion. Formulated to hydrate and protect, this daily moisturiser features ingredients like niacinamide, (vitamin B3) green tea extract and aloe vera juice. 

Alivio Day Cream


Why is it a spring skincare hero? Let your skin restore and repair from winter damage with a night cream that features powerful natural actives. Our Hydrating Night Cream is formulated with bakuchiol and vitamins B5 and C to assist with a range of skin concerns and promote a spring glow. 


Why is it a spring skincare hero? Far from your average clay mask, we’ve packed 2 nourishing clays into our innovative formula. Designed both to purify and soothe, the Spa Clay Mask is perfect for refreshing and resetting skin for spring. Don’t forget to pick up our silicone Clay Mask Brush to evenly apply your mask, without all the mess! 

Clay Mask with brush

Get sustainable this season with Alivio Wellness

With spring being a season of rebirth and renewal, maybe it's time to rethink your shopping habits? Global consumerism is responsible for not only a rise in carbon emissions but also worldwide pollution. Now is the time to start thinking consciously about how we shop and investing in brands with a sustainable output.

At Alivio Wellness, we believe that skincare shouldn't cost the earth. Every product we create keeps the preservation of our planet at the forefront, and we’re constantly seeking out new ways to make our brand more sustainable and ethical. It's for this very reason we chose to centre our skincare range around our hero ingredient Hemp Seed Oil. Sourced from what is considered to be one of the most sustainable crops in the world, for us it serves as a foundation and standard for the eco-conscious brand we are and will always be. Shop with us here.