Travel Skincare - Tips For Snow, Sun And Everything In Between

Travel Skincare - Tips For Snow, Sun And Everything In Between

Travel and changes of location can do wonders for the mind, body and soul. When it comes to your skin, however, a distant getaway can wreak havoc. Changing climates, environments and a disruption of routine means that travelling can be tough on your face. Have no fear, we’ve created a comprehensive travel skincare guide so that you can look after your skin no matter where in the world your next adventure takes you!

How can travelling affect my skin?

Dehydration - Long-haul flights can be super dehydrating to your skin. The recycled, circulating air in-cabin quickly sucks out the moisture in your skin, stripping it of natural oils and sebum. If you take regular flights during your trip, you may notice dryness and irritation start to develop. 

Changes in climate and environment - If you visit different climates that your skin isn’t used to, for example very hot or cold, this can also affect its moisture levels. You may find your skin gets oilier or dryer, depending on the holiday destination. 

Prolonged sun exposure - When jetting off to warmer shores, chances are you’ll be spending more time outside, therefore exposing yourself to a higher risk of sun damage. UV rays can penetrate the skin causing sunburn, premature ageing and an increased likelihood of skin cancer. 

Changes to sleep schedule - Whether it’s adapting to jet lag or catching flights in the wee hours of the morning, travel messes with our sleep. A lack of quality shut-eye can produce cortisol (aka stress) in the body, which has an impact on our skin. You might notice breakouts, irritation and even rashes. 

Dietary changes - Trips away often mean pure indulgence, and this includes food! During a period when you might be treating yourself to a little more junk food than normal (or even trying new cuisines) your skin can react negatively with inflammation and breakouts. 

Aeroplane skincare

High altitudes will rob your skin of moisture, making it dehydrated and prone to sensitivity. Before boarding, apply a hydrating serum that helps keep your skin feeling nice and nourished throughout the flight. You might even want to take a face mist in your carry-on to spritz mid journey when you feel your skin getting a little dry. 

Make sure to pack: Facial Hydrator Serum

Snow skincare

If you’re hitting the slopes sometime soon, you need to get your skin prepped for a significant drop in temperatures. You might find your skin starts to become dry, irritated and even chapped when bracing the cold winds of snowy climates. Make sure to use a thick, nourishing cream or moisturiser before voyaging outside. This will create a protective barrier and limit moisture loss and damage.

Make sure to pack: Nourishing Day Cream

Sun/dry climate skincare 

One of the biggest concerns with particularly sunny environments is protecting your skin from UV damage. Alongside wearing a high-factor, waterproof SPF, you need to make sure to nourish and repair the skin nightly after long days in the sun, with a lightweight yet effective moisturiser. 

Make sure to pack: Hydrating Night Cream

Humid climate skincare

In humid climates, you might find your skin more prone to breakouts and oiliness. Hot, damp weather often makes us produce more sweat which clogs the pores and gives our faces that unpleasant “greasy” feeling. During these trips you need to be more vigilant with cleansing, opting for a purifying wash that helps rebalance your natural oil levels. 

Make sure to pack: Glycolic Facial Cleanser

A few extra travel skincare tips 

  • Make sure to wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face with dirty hands. Airports and planes are havens for bacteria and dirt.
  • Ditch the makeup and go for a natural look on warmer, humid holidays. This avoids products clogging your pores further.
  • Don’t skip out on precious sleep. While you might not want to miss a minute of your getaway, make sure to look after your body and skin by getting good sleep where possible.
  • Decant your favourite skincare products into smaller, travel-friendly pots. This avoids breaking luggage restrictions and also saves valuable packing space. 
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